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Mizzou WR Danario Alexander Will Miss The NFL Combine

One of the top receivers in the NFL Draft, Missouri's Danario Alexander, will miss the NFL Combine next week due to a Tuesday surgery, Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated reports.

The knee injury began following the Senior Bowl.

His knee swelled after practice on Wednesday, but there was little pain, so he played in the game that Saturday. The following week an MRI showed Alexander had a defect in the cartilage of the left knee. A team of specialists, including Dr.James Andrews, consulted with Alexander and recommended surgery.

He will also miss his Pro Day, which could significantly affect his draft status. He was projected to go anywhere from the 2nd-4th round.

While Alexander is a very intriguing prospect -- and a position of need for the Chiefs -- I don't see GM Scott Pioli as the type who would take a gamble like that. 

I know we've got a lot local readers who are interested in Alexander.

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