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Charlie Weis + Chiefs = Notre Dame Quarterback

Ah, you didn't know I was a math guy, did you? 

Okay, I'm not, but this is the formula a lot of folks, including ESPN's Mel Kiper, are using to predict the possibilities that the Kansas City Chiefs use the fifth pick in the 2010 NFL Draft on a quarterback, specifically Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame.

The connection of course is Charlie Weis, who recruited Clausen to ND and coached him all four years. Kiper suggests Clausen-in-red isn't out of the realm of possibility.

"Charlie Weis is in Kansas City and Jimmy Clausen (will be) there at five," Kiper said.  "Do they take Clausen and deal Cassel to Denver, say?  There's always going to be talk about that if Clausen is there because Charlie Weis is a huge Jimmy Clausen fan, as everybody knows.''    

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star disagrees indicating that the Chiefs investment in Matt Cassel is too high and their interest in backup Brodie Croyle is also too much for them to think about a quarterback.

But with Charlie Weis in the fold, expect these draftniks to continue to bring up the possibility of the Chiefs picking up another quarterback.

(H/T Ryan at KC Chiefs Blog)

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