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More From Chiefs GM Scott Pioli On The Secrecy Label

In his interview with NBC's Jack Harry, Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli talked about the secrecy label that's been applied to him in the past few years. 

"It's not my style," Pioli said of being out in front of the cameras. "Something my father and mother taught me a long time ago was never put your butt in front of your mouth. I'm a firm believer in 'Do the job, do it well and spend your time doing the job'.

He continued to say that ultimately his job is to create a better football team and that's what not only this city wants, but what the media wants as well.

Harry, who has oft been critical of Todd Haley speaking in front of the cameras, asked Pioli why he wasn't in the public eye over the last year, particularly during the Larry Johnson saga.

"I gotta tell you, I've learned that," Pioli said of people wanting to see him in public. "My level of self importance is's something that's new to me. In the past, I just did my job and you do your job. I don't think I have anything that important to say or it's that earth shattering that people want to hear from me."

"[My job is] not to be out in public, shaking hands and kissing babies and being on TV shows and doing interviews. There wil time for that. I needed to spend the last 13 months making this football team better.

"Hopefully, I'm here forever and people will get to know me over time."

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