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Jack Harry Changes His Tune On Chiefs GM Scott Pioli

As we mentioned this morning, NBC's Jack Harry has a solid interview with Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. And as I also mentioned, Harry has been one of the loudest critic of the Chiefs new regime. After his 26-minute spot with Pioli, Mr. Harry has changed his tune on the Chiefs new boss.

"I'll admit, going in, I had a completely different perception of the Chiefs general manager," Harry said, who also admitted he "came away very impressed" with the Chiefs GM.

"I find Pioli to be intelligent, witty, affable and most importantly, very likeable," he said.

Harry of course couldn't speak publicly about the Chiefs without not-so-discreetly calling out the man previously in charge of Kansas City's franchise, Carl Peterson.

"He's the polar opposite of his predecessor who spent countless hours sipping wine on the Plaza and rubbing elbows with the so called movers and shakers around town," Harry said.

Of course Harry's argument undermined by his contradictory statements. On the one hand, he encourages Pioli to come out in the public and be a "likeable" guy. On the other hand, he critiques Peterson for being out in public and trying to be a "likeable" guy.

Harry didn't stop there as he also criticized Todd Haley for failing to shave and apparently lacking the public speaking abilities he feels is necessary to lead the Chiefs.

All in all, a predictable showing on Jack's Smack.

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