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Kansas City May Still See Football Even With A 2011 NFL Work Stoppage

It's still too early to speculate on whether there will be a work stoppage in 2011 in the NFL but in the event there is, it's possible the Arena Football League could be returning to Kansas City.

The Arena Football League suspended operations last year due to a lack of profits. They're back, however, and Kansas City could be an option again, according to Commissioner Jerry Kurz.

Via PFT:

The league is targeting four markets for expansion in 2011: Philadelphia, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Southern California. Applications from many other markets will be considered. Kansas City was mentioned as a possibility as well.

That team was actually co-owned by Neil Smith, former Kansas City Chiefs player.

There are currently 15 teams in the new AFL.

Founded in 2006, the Kansas City Brigade were in Kansas City just three years. They played games at Kemper Arena and then the Sprint Center.

(H/T tomahawk44)

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