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Pioli Says Chiefs Will 'Absolutely' Keep Dorsey, DJ

Two names on the Kansas City Chiefs roster keep popping up in trade rumors: DE Glenn Dorsey and LB Derrick Johnson.

Dorsey because of his perceived struggles in the transition to a defensive end and Johnson because of his lack of playing time in 2009 and the perception that he was in Todd Haley's doghouse.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said on NBC-41 last night that, as of now, trading either player isn't in the cards. 

"I saw Glenn actually play better this year than he did in his rookie year," he said. "Not only in my opinion, but every coach on the staff. He improved in year two, which is when you usually see a significant jump."

Dorsey's name has been thrown about recently because of some words Detroit Lions defensive coordinator said recently.

As for Johnson, Pioli said they "have every intent" of keeping him in a Chiefs uniform next year. Depending on the labor agreement, he's scheduled to be a restricted free agent which means the Chiefs can retain his services rather cheaply.

Of course, Pioli is a smart man and understands that if he says they're interested in trading either player their value would plummet.

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