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Chiefs GM Talks Weis, Crennel In Relation To Haley

Upon the hiring of Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star questioned Todd Haley essentially saying that having two former head coaches as coordinators isn't necessarily the best scenario for him because they can smoothly step into the role should Haley struggle.

Essentially, a Mike Martz-esque scenario where the coordinator positions himself for the head coaching job.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said on NBC-41 last night that it's a "fair question" but the relationship between Haley and his two coordinators is such that a scenario Whitlock describes isn't likely.

"I think what supercedes all that is the relationships involved," he said. "Todd is close with both Charlie and Romeo and I think that's what ultimately will make this thing work.

"I understand the question," he continued, "but I also understand the reality and the relationships involved. There are people here who are invested in relationships with, not only one another, but also one another's families."

I think that last line is important. Though the NFL is a cutthroat business, it's still real people with real relationships and feelings we're talking about.

And as I've previously said, those from the Parcells tree are generally defined by their loyalty.

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