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Chiefs GM Says "Patriots West" Label Is Nothing Unique

We give NBC's Jack Harry a hard time because of his the-louder-the-better reporting style and his tendency to send personal insults to Chiefs staff members, but we've also gotta give credit where it's due. Harry conducted an interview with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli that aired on NBC41 last evening and did a solid job.

He asked tougher questions than most do to Pioli. One that intrigued me was about the "Patriots West" label and whether Pioli wants to leave that behind him.

"This is nothing unique to the Kansas City Chiefs," Pioli said. "If you look back at every coach and GM that's been here -- and I know some of this because I've done research."

Pioli's research indicated that plenty of coaches take players and coaches from their previous employer in the same fashion Pioli has in his transition from the Patriots to the Chiefs.

He named Andy Reid taking "12 or 13" people with him the Eagles, Mike Holmgren taking a similar amount of players and coaches from Green Bay to Seattle, Brian Billick in his move from the Cowboys to the Ravens and even the father-in-law Bill Parcells taking a GM and a head coach with him from Dallas to Miami.

"It's nothing unique to the Kansas City Chiefs franchise," he continued.

"When you leave something that is generally successful, and try to set a new culture and a new tone,  you have people that want to be with you. It's just natural. I hear it and I understand but I know the facts show that it's nothing unique to this football team."

It's Game Time.

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