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Former Pioli Draft Pick Deion Branch Could Be Available

The Seattle Seahawks have made it known that they want to keep WR Deion Branch on the roster. They've also made it known that they'll listen to trade offers for him.

Translation: They want to trade him.

He's got the Chiefs connection with GM Scott Pioli having used a 2002 second round pick on the 30 year old receiver. At first glance, a reunion could make sense. The Chiefs need receiver help and Branch could seemingly be had for a reasonable price (since the Seahawks have kinda let the cat out of the bag that they would trade him).

However, upon further review, I suspect that's not in the works.

Branch is a "big name" but his stat sheet isn't overly impressive especially considering he spent four year in the Patriots pass heavy offense.  He has never had a 1,000 yard season or more than five touchdowns.

In addition to that, let's not forget Branch's somewhat messy divorce from the Patriots.

Seeking a new contract at the time, Branch rebuffed an offer from the Patriots and held out the first three preseason games totaling over $600,000 in fines. Long story short, Branch filed a grievance with the club before he was traded to the Seahawks in September of 2006.

Even though Branch is a "big name", a reunion with Pioli wouldn't make sense to me.

(H/T tomahawk44)

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