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NFL Not Concerned With Gunther's Talk Of Chiefs Players

And we've come full circle on this one. We talked earlier today about whether Gunther Cunningham's words about a few of his former pupils with the Chiefs constituted tampering. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk called it a "textbook violation" but the NFL would disagree with that assertion.

Tom Kowalski of reports:

According to an NFL spokesman, Cunningham's remarks haven't even registered at a league level.

Cunningham was making a general comment about Chiefs' players and didn't identify any player by name. It's not unusual for head coaches and coordinators to pursue players who previously played for them.

There's your clarification.

Since the league rarely investigates tampering charges, much less comments on them, there will continue to be lots of questions in instances like this one in which a perceived gray area is involved.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan for the first FanShot)

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