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Bringing Chambers Back A "Priority" For The Chiefs

As we begin to hit the lull of the NFL offseason, I figured it was time to take a look not at free agency and the NFL draft, but who the Kansas City Chiefs should retain. The list of unrestricted free agents is underwhelming but the future of one key name could determine how the Chiefs approach portions of the offseason.

Chris Chambers.

"Chambers will be Kansas City's priority," Bill Williamson of writes. "He gave the Chiefs' offense a big spark after he was claimed off waivers in November."

This is true. Chambers caught  two touchdowns in his first game as a Chief and added 119 yards a few weeks later in a huge win (at the time) against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Overall, he added 608 yards in less than half a season of action.

His salary was awful high in 2009 -- about $4.5 million -- so I suspect the Chiefs would like to have him back but at a discounted price (as Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star suggests).

Chambers will be 32 by week one of the 2010 season, so it's not exactly clear how many teams would be rushing to sign him should he hit free agency.

One option for the Chiefs would be to let him hit free agency and have the open market determine his value.

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