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Could Roy L. Williams and Jarvis Green Become Chiefs This Off-Season?

Some of you will already be familiar with Football Outsiders, a go-to site for out-of-the-box NFL commentary and analysis. In a recent column on the AFC West, FO notes a couple new players who might become good fits for the Chiefs this offseason:

Kansas City's still several parts away from contention, but Scott Pioli could choose to make some moves in free agency. With three prominent ex-Patriots potentially on the market in Watson, Wilfork, and Raiders end Richard Seymour, Pioli could choose to raid his old stomping grounds while acquiring players that would fill massive holes. A cheaper option could be a fourth ex-Patriot, Jarvis Green. With huge holes at safety, they could upgrade their run defense by adding Bengals unrestricted free agent Roy Williams.

Of course, we've all heard of Seymour and Wilfork and, even though the Chiefs won't be featuring their tight ends anytime soon, Watson is also written of often around AP. So the question begs to be asked: what makes Jarvis Green and/or Roy Williams promising acquisitions themselves?

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Roy L. Williams - Strong Safety - 6'0", 222 lbs. - 30-years-old (by opening day 2010)
Probably most of us are quite familiar with Williams to some extent from the several years he spent in the defensive backfield for the Dallas Cowboys. The high-profile draft pick (originally the Chiefs #8 pick, by the way, before trading up with the 'Boys for Ryan Sims) became a high-profile tackler for America's Team. His hard-hitting style, linebacker size and impressive quickness makes him outstanding in the box, and he's able to effectively cover the tight end position as well. For those reasons, Williams just might make a strong addition to the Chiefs.

At the same time, there's a reason the Cowboys got rid of Williams. In the last two seasons (last year with the Bengals), Williams has only played 7 total games. He will be 30-years-old by opening kickoff and that doesn't bode well for future expectations of staying on the field. After missing the bulk of two seasons, just how good can we expect those instincts to still be? In addition, Williams could always be baited by the better quarterbacks of the league since he was always overly aggressive.

Verdict: Williams brings some ability with him, but to make him the only new safety help on the roster would be a mistake. Williams along with a draft pick (say, Chad Jones or Earl Thomas in the second round), however, might be worth looking into and could allow the Chiefs to address another need with their first-rounder.

Jarvis Green - Defensive End - 6'3", 285 lbs. - 31-years-old
Scott Pioli will be well-versed in Green's ability to line-up and play productive football on the defensive line, so this is the most realistic of the two acquisitions. But if the Chiefs do grab the former LSU d-lineman (yes, another Louisiana State prouduct), what exactly would they be getting?

One important idea to keep in mind: you can never have enough quality defensive lineman. The maxim holds true for pitching in baseball and here in football. The best teams can rotate fresh guys with strong abilities in and out, overwhelming the opposing side's offensive line. Thus, whether or not Jarvis Green is a three-down lineman really isn't a consideration on whether or not the Chiefs should try and grab him.

That said, Green seems an ideal player for the Chiefs to target this off-season. On the field, he's shown some pass-rusing ability with 28 career sacks and 9 forced fumbles. He's played in nearly every game for the Patriots over the 8 seasons, missing 3 last year mid-season and only 4 games in the 7 seasons before that. Filling in for an injured Seymour, Green had his best season in '06 with 7.5 sacks, displaying the ability to step in when needed. And Scouts Inc. notes his versatility along the line, a huge plus in any defensive alignment.

Perhaps as important as anything are the two Super Bowl rings he brings with him to the locker room. He's been a part of a winning tradition and we've seen the importance of a Vrabel type figure in the locker room. Not saying Green's some charismatic leader, but if a winner is also a strong addition on the field, there's no going wrong there.

Verdict: As I said earlier, you can never have enough quality guys in the trenches. If Green is available and the price is reasonable, I'd be quite happy about this pick-up.


My thoughts on the possible Chiefs acquisitions are:

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