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Contract Says This Is A Big Year For Chiefs QB Matt Cassel

Recently on NFL Network, Michael Lombardi and Jason LaCanfora were discussing the Kansas City Chiefs and the 2010 NFL Draft. Lombardi had a throw-away line at the end of the segment where he suggested the Chiefs could take a quarterback with the fifth pick.

Crazy, right?

Well, yes and no.

Cassel's $63 million contract calls for the $28 million guaranteed to be paid out in the first two years. Basically, he's the starter heading into next season.

However, in the opening days of the 2011 league year -- about 12 1/2 months from now -- he is eligible for a hefty $7.5 million guaranteed option bonus.  That is, if he's on the roster at that point in time.

I'll disagree with Lombardi's suggestion that the Chiefs could draft a quarterback in April but I think his larger point stands true -- the Chiefs aren't married to Matt Cassel past this year and a sub-par and/or injury riddled season could bring that to light. 

For the record, I personally think a full year in Todd Haley's system will improve Cassel's stock and his play will warrant that bonus be paid. But, since money talks, I wanted to remind folks of this wrinkle in the contract that could help decide his future with or without Kansas City.

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