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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/15

Happy President's Day. To those who get to stay home, congratulations. Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet.

So, how did you do with the first weekend since July without any football?

We enjoyed ourselves, although we wouldn’t want to make it a regular part of the yearly routine. The NFL Combine is coming up and prepping for the April NFL Draft is on the schedule and before we know it, there will be OTAs, mini-camps and training camp.

Until then, we’ll reserve Monday as a Chiefs/NFL grab bag of information, insight and opinion, because there is always plenty going on around the world of football, even if the stadiums are dark.

Monday Morning Grab Bag & Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

The Hall of Fame process always draws a lot of attention and questions. I think that happens because the process is so behind-closed-doors that people are curious and/or suspicious.

After the 2010 voting session this is an attempt to answer whatever questions and doubts about the whole process there might be out there.

So here it goes:

Answer Bob About The Hall of Fame from Bob Gretz

The first group of players arrives on Wednesday, February 24 for the 2010 NFL Combine in Indianapolis. They will keep arriving and departing for the better part of seven days before everyone is done on Tuesday, March 2.

These are the defensive players that have been invited to work out and meet with the teams. They are listed at the positions where the Combine has listed them. That does not mean that they’ll be drafted at that position. If there’s a possibility they could be rated at another position, it’s under the projection. There are always different views of where a player fits in the NFL, especially when talking about linemen and linebackers, or safeties and cornerbacks.

Also at the bottom of this post are the specialists that have been invited.

NFL Combine: Defensive Invitees from Bob Gretz

This would seem a wise time for transition for the Kansas City offensive line. The new management staff focused on other needs during the 2009 offseason, including the addition of a starting quarterback, and now they must seek the proper support for the cause in 2010. They are a prime candidate to consider one of the top offensive tackles in this year's Draft, they are prime candidates to chase and spend on top free agents from this year's class of available offensive linemen, and they have several holes to fill. The left side is fairly stable with Waters and Albert but, at 32-years of age, Waters is nearing years when a decline could be unavoidable. Wade Smith would seem to be a lock to start at right guard as well considering the noteworthy gains made on the ground over the late weeks of the 2009 season. In short, there are pieces here that suggest a quick reversal of fortune could be in the cards, but serious problems in protecting the quarterback last season would suggest change is necessary.

State of the Offensive Lines: AFC South & West from RotoTimes

On the morning after, a distraught Stram, who would have one more game left as coach of the Saints, tossed the game film into a garbage pail and burned it in front of the entire team!

Stram, himself a hall of famer from his glory days as coach of the great Kansas City Chiefs teams of the late 1960s and winner of Super Bowl IV, was fired by the Saints after their final game of the '77 season.

Stram would call the loss to the Bucs his lowest feeling as a head coach. And his Saints team, he bemoaned, was ''strangled by the trauma'' of going face-to-face with the NFL's most feared team.

Saints Show Way for Browns from

Of course, for most Chiefs fans who’ve suffered through a four-win season, the draft has already been a heavy topic of discussion for several months. But since the NFL’s annual scouting combine is set to kick off in two weeks, the issue is about to officially take center stage.

Unfortunately, unlike most years, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it all that much. Because of the precedent the Chiefs set a year ago in drafting Tyson Jackson, many attempts at rational draft discussion are going to be heaved out the window over the coming months.

Going into the last draft, few if any considered Jackson a viable candidate to be taken with the third overall pick. While word leaked out about a day beforehand that a few 3-4 teams had a higher view of Jackson than most, even then many

WPI NFL Draft Coverage Preview from WPI

Kansas City is known for world class BBQ cooking....Fantastic hospitality and yes TAILGATING...enjoy this little slide show and get yourself a small taste of what it's like to enjoy some tailgating action at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City....GO CHIEFS....

Kansas City Chiefs Tailgating from

Player Tweets

MrKolbySmith *Upset alert* tune into ESpN for more details
MrKolbySmith L'Ville upsets Syracuse in the carrier dome.
MrKolbySmith Duke sucks. RT @kerryrhodes: To all the people talking bout syracuse could beat DUKE think again! My other team (cont)
almighty31 Aint feelin this airtran rite now
almighty31 on the flight. SMH its about time lol
almighty31 My car windows r frozen
almighty31 Finally back n lees summit. My soft bed

Media and Fans

AndreaPomposo KC Chiefs coach Todd Haley is eating at the table next to me here at Mandalay. My bf recognized him as he is the one who knows sports.
kb_kcstar @ArrowheadPride: Man, that guy loves Vegas.
 kb_kcstar The Dansby thing is why the Chiefs have to at least be prepared to spend for some players. If KC wants him, it has to pay a premium.
 kb_kcstar Saw the Chiefs' TV commercial for the upcoming season earlier today. I liked it, it made sense, and there was no sign of #TraceAdkins.

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