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Cowboys WR Miles Austin Appreciates Chiefs Coach Todd Haley

Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin had his coming out party against the Kansas City Chiefs catching 10 balls for a staggering 250 yards including the game winning touchdown in overtime.

It's fitting, for Austin, that the game was against his first position coach in the NFL, Todd Haley.

"Todd was on me, man," Austin told Bob Gretz of during Super Bowl week. "He was on top of me everyday. I kinda picked things up late so he definitely was in my ear everyday throughout the season. But he's a great coach and he's doing great things. I feel like he's kinda turning the corner with Kansas City late so hopefully those guys can pick things up and get back to the stride they were at.

"So, he's a great coach and a great guy."

While Haley has a reputation as a hard-nosed coach, many of his former players have appreciated what he did for them. Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is one that comes to mind.

"He does [know the receiver position]," Austin continued. "When I came in it was Terry Glenn, T.O., Pat Crayton, Sam Hurd so he definitely had a bunch of guys there. He knows what he's doing."

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