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Chiefs Could Be Focusing on the Secondary Early During Draft Season

Hope everyone has been having a great Valentine's Day. I've got a brief update to the Kansas City Chiefs draft interest table we've got going. I added in a couple of players that the Chiefs talked to during the Senior Bowl. Expect the draft interests to increase by a lot as as we get closer to the combine.

This table should at least be a fun conversation piece up until the draft. I know it was last year. I want to note that this is not comprehensive, isn't intended to be and never will be. We'll never get every report of the Chiefs meeting with a college prospect but I imagine we'll hit on quite a few.

And the title of this post...purely speculative, even though the Chiefs have apparently talked to a good number of secondary guys relative to the other prospects we know about.

Here's how the Chiefs' draft interests break down by position so far.

  • Offensive line: 1
  • Secondary: 6
  • Defensive line: 2
  • Linebackers: 3
  • Running back: 1
  • Wide receiver: 1
  • Quarterback: 2

Refresh your memory after the jump. Consider this a draft interests/Tell us how you didn't screw the pooch with today's Valentine's day gift open thread. I gave Mrs. Arrowhead Pride a nice card, flowers and we spent a great day together hiking with the pup and making dinner together. Roasted red peppers stuffed with vegetables and quinoa? Yes, please.

What's everyone doing tonight?

Player School Projected Round Private Workout Senior Bowl/Combine Meeting Pro Day Rumored interest Scouted 2009 Local Pro Day
OL Vladimr Ducasse UMASS 1-2
x x
CB Syd'Quan Thompson Cal.
 1-2    x        
SS Myron Rolle FSU
 DE George Selvie  S. Florida
QB Jarrett Brown WVU
 3   x
ILB Donald Butler  Washington 7/UDFA
CB Brandon Ghee Wake Forest
 2-3    x        
 FS Terell Skinner Maryland
DT Tyson Alualu  Cal.  3    x        
 OLB/DE Brandon Graham Michigan
 2    x        
 QB Tim Tebow  Florida 1-2
 ILB Lee Campbell  Minnesota  UDFA        x    
 WR/KR Mardy Gilyard Cincinnati
RB LeGarrette Blount Oregon
 6-7    x        
 CB Devin McCourty Rutgers 2
 CB Akwasi Osuwu-Ansah Indiana of Pennsylvania
 4    x        

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