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Chiefs Can Use The Franchise Tag Starting Today

The Kansas City Chiefs can use the franchise and/or transition tag today, according to NFL rules. They will have until February 25th to determine who, if anyone, will be given one of the tags.

Here are the Chiefs unrestricted free agents:

Mike Brown, WR Chris Chambers, WR Terrence Copper, TE Sean Ryan, OL Wade Smith, LB Mike Vrabel, WR Bobby Wade

I don't see a potential franchise tag anywhere in there.  Maybe Chambers, but that would carry a cost of about $9.5 million for the franchise tag and $8.6 million for the transition tag. Vrabel as well would be expensive with the franchise tag coming in at about $9.6 million and the transition tag at $8.3 million.

Here are the full numbers for the franchise and transition tag this year. 

So, my best guess is that the franchise or transition tag will not be used with the Chiefs this season (as the restricted free agents could be retained at a significantly cheaper price).

Coincidentally, the Patriots once again appear likely to franchise a player that could potentially fit well with the Chiefs.

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