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"Burning Questions" For Chiefs Include Quarterback, Pass Rusher

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated recently laid out his "Burning Questions" for AFC teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs.

The burning questions for the Chiefs include quarterback and pass rusher.

First, the quarterback: How can the Chiefs get the most of their $63 million investment?

Trotter writes that adding to the offensive line and getting a "true No. 1 receiver" will help. I would add one more year in the system, plus a full year of Jamaal Charles will help as well. The weapons around Cassel began to improve as the season went on so a real training camp in that system, plus a full year of Charles, should help us answer this question more clearly heading forward.

Second, the pass rusher: What will the Chiefs do to improve on their ranking as the second to worst sack team?

Outside of Tamba Hali, the outside linebacker mark is a big question mark. Mike Vrabel has expressed some interest in returning after his contract expires on March 5th, but there's been no word on where they stand with an extension. 

In addition to qualified outside linebackers, the Chiefs should improve in this area, at least theoretically, since the defensive ends, Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, will enter their second year in the position.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan)

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