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Keep or Cut: Chiefs RB Kolby Smith

Yes, I know. This isn't exactly the most exciting post to get you going. But we're in that dark period before the combine, free agency and the draft. Stick with us and we'll get through it together.

We're back this morning with another edition of Keep or Cut. Today, we're talking about Kansas City Chiefs running back Kolby Smith.

As you know, Smith was a 5th round draft pick by Herm Edwards' Chiefs in 2007. He started six games in '07 and played in all sixteen. In 2008, he played in seven games before going on injured reserve on November 4th with a knee injury.

Smith's 2009 season didn't fare much better. After being placed in the PUP list to begin the season, he officially sat out the first six weeks of the season and came back in Week 8.

Here's how his stats turned out:

  • Week 9 @ Jacksonville: 4 carries, 17 yards
  • Week 10 @ Oakland: 9 carries, 12 yards
  • Week 12 Pittsburgh: 1 carry, 3 yards
  • Week 12 San Diego: 1 carry, 1 yard

Smith went down late in the first half with an ankle injury against San Diego. He was officially put on injured reserve, ending his season, on December 5th.

Here's what some of you had to say about Smith during the season:

ravenhawk: " The type of running back that we need is one like Kolby Smith...unfortunately ever since he has been injured at Louisville he has had reoccurring knee injuries."

Sea of RED: "Kolby Smith had nice flashes, but either he wants to be let go, or he was a product of our O-line at the time."

R2J_24: "I think Smith could very well be the Derrick Ward (when he was with the Giants), so we just need a Brandon Jacobs to complete our trio and those guys don't come easy."

Personally, I think it's time to get rid of Kolby Smith. His NFL career may be done actually. Two seasons ended on IR - his second and third seasons no less - don't bode well for career longevity. I wish I could be saying we should keep because he seems like a very capable back up. But if you can't stay on the field, even when you're only getting a dozen carries in a season, what else is there to say?

Let us know in the poll what you think Kolby Smith's fate should be.

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