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Former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson Not Interested In Another NFL Job

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Carl Peterson is not interested in another NFL job, according to the Miami Herald.

Some have speculated ex-Chiefs president Carl Peterson -- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' friend -- could replace Bill Parcells when Parcells leaves. But Peterson, chairman of USA Football, said he has no interest in taking a football-oriented NFL job again. He said he's working for Ross on non-NFL projects.

This isn't meant to be a shot at Peterson - (Really, it isn't) - but perhaps the reason he's not interested in a NFL job is because no one is interested in hiring him.

It's fairly well-documented that his record in getting to the playoffs without Marty Schottenheimer is, um, not good. And it probably doesn't help his cause that the last taste of Peterson is that of a Chiefs team that is still in turmoil after he left.

Peterson is currently the Chairman of USA Football, the governing body of youth football.