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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/10

 Happy Wednesday! Here's you Kansas City Chiefs news. A light day.

My calculations made this Super Bowl the 25th that I’ve attended since that first one. To say that much has changed in that time would be a laughable understatement. When the Steelers beat the Cowboys in January of ‘79, Super Sunday was not a national holiday. The television commercials shown during the game were not discussed for the week after the game. The only media types found around the game or teams were those involved in covering sports. Gossip columnists, TV entertainment shows, business networks, radio shock jocks and all sports television networks were either nowhere to be found or had not been invented. 

For Super Bowl XIII I had a seat in the main press box at the Orange Bowl, and for the 24 games I’ve attended since I’ve had seats in the press box, in the auxiliary press box and out in the stands, sometimes in seats where I could feel the heat from the exhaust of the planes in the pre-game flyover.

A Final Super Bowl Reflection … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

I grew up in a family that is completely immersed in Chiefs football. I had the Chiefs winter coat, lucky red and gold socks, Chiefs backpack, and autographed pictures of the local sports heroes who ruled Arrowhead. My entire family would gather for Chiefs playoffs games, discuss football at traditional holiday dinners, and share the season tickets that my grandfather purchased when the Chiefs came to town in 1963. This all still continues to this day.

At school, the Chiefs were just as big as they were for me back home. Thomas made an effort to reach out, teaching both sportsmanship and education to his young fans through his charitable foundation. My school had a special connection to him, and held a joint fundraiser every year. The day after the fundraiser, children who attended with their parents were fortunate enough to ride around Kansas City with Thomas in his limousine. The day after the event, students would brag that they had hung out with Thomas.

Thomas Was One Of Us from WPI

As a member of the Board of Selectors for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I’m asked constantly over Super Bowl weekend about those that were voted in, and especially those that were not passed through for induction. In some corners we are hailed for our selections, in other quarters we are called idiots.

That’s the price that comes with trying to split hairs when it comes to the greatness of one player over another. By its definition, it should be hard to gain entrance to Canton. I know and accept that everyone is in a hurry, but there are a lot of very good players with very Hall worthy careers and the most players who can be inducted each year among the more recent players are five. Do the math and it’s not hard to see the problem.

A Look Back At Hall Of Fame Voting from Bob Gretz

OK, here’s your chance. Starting from the moment you read this post until Friday at midnight, I will take any and all questions that involve the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the voting, etc.

If  there’s something about the process that you’ve always wanted to ask, or don’t understand, this is your chance. If you think a player is being forgotten and deserves more Hall  consideration, state your piece.

Ask Bob – About the Hall of Fame from Bob Gretz

The mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs will be the featured speaker at an event that emphasizes sexual abstinence until marriage.

Dan Meers will address middle and high school students at a "True Love Waits" youth rally beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday at Golden Hills Trail Rides at Raymondville.

Chiefs' mascot is guest speaker at youth rally from

27. Kansas City: If the Chiefs can get an actual defense, Kansas City could make a significant move up NFL power rankings in 2010.

Power Rankings for End of 2010 NFL Postseason from

Player Tweets

almighty31 Doin business as always
JarradPage44 YES!! @BFlowers24 Im killin these 300yrd shuttles bro. Jus ran 3 of em all under 56secs. We gotta get ready 4 r career year lil bro holla bk
JarradPage44 Had to take it easy tonight tweeps. Jus ran 6 100s and 3 300yrd shuttles. Didn't wanna strain anything only 40 degs now in west la brrr lol

Media and Fans

kb_kcstar Since we're talking draft, I still contend that, if the KC drafts a LT, it's a better to move Albert to LG and Waters to C. Upgrade 3 spots.
kb_kcstar Also, I still think safety is the team's top need. OL is a must-upgrade, but that defense was b.a.d. last year.
 Adam_Schefter Valid question. RT @J_Heintz: if stallworth can get looks why is matt jones not getting any?? It's like he fell off face of the earth
 kb_kcstar Prob gonna be a while for that one. They like Cassel a lot. @greatnessinc: How long before they address QB? Cas is not the answer.
kb_kcstar Good they'll attempt it but not good they'll be successful. Not easy to trade down. @dmbfan81: what is the chance they attempt to drop down?
 kb_kcstar If Berry's gone, the Chiefs should move on. Heard Mays is a bust-in-waiting. @BigRob58: Chances KC drafts a safety not named Berry?

bigcrimsontx: @WhitlockJason Chiefs will make the playoffs next it.

kcrockaholic: @JarradPage44 Hey man, I hope your as excited about next year as I am. It's time to put the Kansas City Chiefs back on the map!

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