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The Greatest Kansas City Chiefs, By the Numbers: #44

We've got a wide range of Kansas City Chiefs to talk about this morning, from all-time greats to no-names to current Chiefs to players you probably you hate. Please read through all of the write ups I did for these guys. I don't want to see another travesty like with #43, where Omar Easy was voted ahead of RB Billy Jackson.

Here is the full list of Chiefs who have worn #44:

  • CB Darren Anderson (1994-97)
  • CB Eric Harris (1980-82)
  • DB Jimmy Harris (1960-61)
  • RB Herman Heard (1984-89)
  • DB Ed Kelley (1961)
  • S Jarrad Page (2006-10)
  • CB Kerry Parker (1984)
  • RB Leroy Thompson (1995)
  • CB Eric Warfield (1998-05)
  • RB Harvey Williams (1991-93)
  • LB Jerrol Williams (1994)
  • P Jerrel Wilson (1963-77)

We've got the skinny on these guys, after the jump.

CB Darren Anderson (1994-97)

Anderson played two seasons in Tampa Bay before playing the bulk of his career in KC. He played in 53 games for the Chiefs, with his best season coming in 1997 when he ran back a 55-yard INT for a touchdown.

CB Eric Harris (1980-82)

Harrison only played three seasons in KC but they were good ones. He was drafted by the Chiefs in 1977 but played three seasons in the CFL before coming back to KC. He won the Mack Lee Hill award in 1980, giving to the Chiefs' top rookie. Harris had a bunch of interceptions for the Chiefs. He had 7, 7 and 7 respectively in his three seasons, including a string of six straight games with an INT in the '80 season.

DB Jimmy Harris (1960-61)

Not much out there on Harris. He played in just handful of games for the Dallas Texas, snagging a few interceptions.

RB Herman Heard (1984-89)

Heard was a third round pick by the Chiefs out of perennial powerhouse Southern Colorado. He played all of his NFL seasons in KC, garnering 13 rushing TDs and nearly 2,700 yards rushing in his career.

DB Ed Kelley (1961)

Like a lot of Dallas Texans in this time period, Kelley was a local guy from the University of Texas. He played two season for the Texans.

S Jarrad Page (2006-10)

Page was a 7th round pick by Herman Edwards and the Chiefs in 2006. He has 10 INTs in 53 games for the Chiefs. He started every game in the 2007 and 2008 seasons. You all know Page so I won't go into much detail.

CB Kerry Parker (1984)

Parker was another CFL guy who came to the Chiefs then went back to the CFL. He played in 15 games for the Chiefs in the '84 season.

RB Leroy Thompson (1995)

Thompson was a 6th round pick by the Steelers in 1981. He had 28 rushing attempts and 9 receptions in his one season with the Chiefs.

CB Eric Warfield (1998-05)

Warfield was a 7th round draft pick out of Nebraska in 1998 and his probably best known for his three DUI arrests and 10 days spent in prison in 2005. From 2001 to 2004, he started nearly every game for the Chiefs at corner, racking up 16 INTs over those four seasons. He was signed by the Patriots in 2006 but never saw the field.

RB Harvey Williams (1991-93)

Most of you are probably familiar with Harvey Williams. He was the Chiefs' first round draft pick in 1991 and lost playing time over the next three seasons to Barry Word, Christian Okoye and Marcus Allen. The most attempts he had in a season came in his rookie year when he had 97.

Williams finished his career with Seahawks and Raiders, briefly playing at tight end at the end of his career.

LB Jerrol Williams (1994)

Williams was a 4th round draft pick by the Steelers in 1989 and he played in six games for the Chiefs. He had half a sack in that one season.

P Jerrel Wilson (1963-77)


This is the guy who should get the most votes. Here is a list of Chiefs great Jerrel Wilson accomplishments:

  • Played more seasons than any player in team history;

  • His 203 games played are the second most for any player in franchise history;

  • A franchise-record 1,014 punts during his career;

  • Highest average yardage in a career with 43.6; and,

  • He and one other player own the NFL record for most seasons leading the league in punting average with four (1965, 1968, 1972 and 1973).

I had a big write up on Wilson in 2008. Check it out.


Who is the greatest Chief to wear #44?

Read more about the Greatest Chiefs:

#1 - QB Warren Moon

#2 - P Dustin Colquitt

#3 - K Jan Stenerud

#4 - P Nick Murphy

#5 - P Louie Aguiar

#6 - RB Warren McVea

#7 - QB Ron Jaworski

#8 - K Nick Lowery

#9 - QB Bill Kenney

#10 - QB Trent Green

#11 - QB Elvis Grbac

#12 - QB Rich Gannon

#13 - QB Steve Bono

#14 - RB Ed Podolak

#15 - QB Todd Collins

#16 - QB Len Dawson

#17 - QB Steve Deberg

#18 - CB Emmitt Thomas

#19 - QB Joe Montana

#20 - S Deron Cherry

#21 - S Jerome Woods

#22 - DB Willie Mitchell

#23 - RB Barry Word

#24 - CB Jayice Pearson

#25 - S Greg Wesley

#26 - S Gary Barbaro

#27 - RB Larry Johnson

#28 - RB Abner Haynes

#29 - CB Albert Lewis

#30 - RB Donnell Bennett

#31 - RB Priest Holmes

#32 - RB Marcus Allen

#33 - RB Stone Johnson

#34 - CB Dale Carter

#35 - RB Christian Okoye

#36 - RB Mack Lee Hill

#37 - RB Joe Delaney

#38 - RB Kimble Anders

#39 - RB Bam Morris

#40 - CB James Hasty

#41 - S Reggie Tongue

#42 - S/HB Johnny Robinson

#43 - FB Omar Easy

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