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KC Chiefs Playoff Ticket Jinx?

On Tuesday Kansas City Chiefs COO Mark Donovan explained to listeners on 810 WHB's The Program with Soren Petro that the team was beginning the process of selling playoff tickets. Donovan said season ticket holders would be receiving a packet this week with information on how to pay for playoff tickets and he later explained the process of opening them to the public.

A little over 24 hours after the interview Matt Cassel has an appendectomy and all bets on the playoffs are off.

What's interesting is that I received a couple of emails last night and this morning -- one from a Chiefs fan and one from a Chargers fan -- who suggests KC jinxed themselves by talking about the playoff tickets.

Now, Donovan made it clear at the beginning of the interview -- football operations is focused on the San Diego Chargers. The NFL has told them -- the business side -- that they need to prepare for hosting a playoff game. So this wasn't a case of the Chiefs getting cocky -- it doesn't seem to be their style -- but instead a necessity combined with a little added hype via the radio interview.

Playoffs are a sensitive subject around Kansas City considering it's been over 15 years since the last playoff win.

So I open the floor to you. Were the Chiefs jinxed by announcing their playoff ticket intentions?

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