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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Will San Diego Beat The Blackout?

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Kansas City Chiefs fans are pretty excited right about now sitting at 8-4 and in control of the AFC West. The business side of the Chiefs are already talking playoffs while the football side keeps their focus on San Diego. Obviously the interest in the Chiefs is growing in Kansas City.

It doesn't sound like we can say the same for the Chargers. San Diego's season is on the line this Sunday when they visit the Chiefs. A win keeps the Chargers hopes alive while a loss eliminates them so it's obviously the biggest game of the year. That's why I'm somewhat surprised by this...

1,500 General Admission tickets remain for Sunday's must-win against the Chiefs to lift the blackout.

Just think...there's some Chiefs fan in San Diego who finally gets to watch the Chiefs on Sunday....and it may not happen. If the Chiefs have their way, Chargers fans won't want to be watching it on TV anyway.

So do you have faith in San Diego to sell the tickets and lift the blackout?

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