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Chiefs' Mark Donovan On 'All Those Yellow Seats' At Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs COO Mark Donovan talked earlier today with Soren Petro of 810 WHB for about 36 minutes. We already talked about the news that the Chiefs were sending playoff ticket information to season ticket holders but Donovan also brought up one of the most common questions we receive from Chiefs fan via email:

What's up with all the yellow seats?

The yellow seats in this case are along the club level at Arrowhead Stadium. The problem is that they're routinely empty, especially around the corners and end zones, as I'm sure you've seen at the stadium or on TV.

"We've seen the yellow seats," Donovan acknowledged on 810 WHB Tuesday morning.

For all those who have sent in an email asking the question, here's your answer: "We think we mis-priced those," he said. "What we're doing this year is we're going to roll out a new pricing plan for the end zones and corner of the club level and those prices will go down."

Well, I like that he didn't dance around it and just said they were too expensive. As Petro suggested, it's simply supply and demand. The Chiefs will lower the prices, hoping to increase the demand and bump their average attendance above 89.4 capacity.

Donovan says 2/3rds of the stadium will see season ticket prices remain flat or go down next year. That's promising with the Chiefs headed in the right direction on the field. On the other side, as one Chiefs fan wrote on Twitter, "Isn't that just a fancy way of saying 1/3rd is going up?"

Oh, he also says every (club-level) season ticket-holder will be contacted personally in the next 48 hours to go through their season ticket options. Let us know in the comments if you're contacted.

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