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Chiefs Telling Season Ticket Holders To Prepare For Playoffs

If Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley had anything to say about it, preparation for the playoffs wouldn't come until after Jan. 2 when KC finishes the regular season against the Oakland Raiders. But Haley doesn't have to worry about filling a stadium, selling tickets and all the other non-football logistics that come along with the playoffs.

Members of the Chiefs management, like COO Mark Donovan, do have to prepare for the logistics of hosting a playoff game.

Donovan appeared on 810 WHB with Soren Petro on Tuesday and says that the NFL has told the Chiefs to begin preparing for the playoffs. Yes, Chiefs fans, reality is starting to hit. The Chiefs tonight will mail out to season ticket holders a packet to renew season tickets for next year.

Also in that packet? Playoff ticket information. Donovan says season ticket holders will get the right to buy playoff tickets until Dec. 20 at which point they'll prepare to take them public. More than half of the tickets in the building for the playoffs are going to be under $100 and he says some playoff ticket prices will be between $30-50....assuming they make it.

OK so what if they don't make the playoffs? Season ticket holders can roll the money they put down on the playoffs to next year. Considering the way the Chiefs are trending, I imagine most will want to be back next year. has the details for all of you looking for playoff tickets.

It's so real now. As Jim Mora would say: Playoffs??

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