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Josh McDaniels Fired By Denver Broncos As Head Coach

Josh McDaniels has spent his last 28 games in Denver as head coach.

Now he's gone.

The Denver Broncos have confirmed that McDaniels has been fired.

So what did the McDaniels era leave for the Broncos?

Thankfully for the Kansas City Chiefs, not very much. Blame whoever you want but under McDaniels the Broncos lost QB Jay Cutler, WR Brandon Marshall, RB Peyton Hillis and others. You could have made a case that a couple of those were the best young players at their position. McDaniels leaves Denver with a 3-9 record in 2010 and just five wins in their last 22 games. He leaves them a shell of what they once were.

The same man that picked Josh McDaniels as head coach will be picking the Broncos next head coach. That could be considered good news for KC.

It's fitting that McDaniels leaves after losing to the Chiefs at Arrowhead. All along it appears Haley just may have been right: There's a lot of (expletive) being talked about him.

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