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Five Good Stats From The December Edition Of The Chiefs Vs. Broncos

Good morning Kansas City Chiefs fans!

I hope you're feeling good this morning after yesterday's win over the Denver Broncos. Naturally, when you win, even in the manner the Chiefs did, you get some good stats. And that's what I'm bringing you this morning - five good stats from the Chiefs vs. Broncos.

We've got some usual and unusual suspects in this week's edition.

Here we go....

Kyle Orton's Terrible Numbers

When the Chiefs and Broncos last played in Week 10, Broncos QB Kyle Orton had 296 yards passing, went 22/34 and threw four touchdown passes. His QB rating was 131.5.

Yesterday's game was a complete reversal of that. Orton was 9/28 for 117 yards passing (And he lost 31 yards on four sacks) and zero touchdown passes.

Kudos to the Chiefs' pass rush, as well as the secondary, for an improved defensive performance on the Denver QB.

Brandon Carr's Big Day

If you scroll any of the game threads from yesterday, you'll know all you need to know about Brandon Carr's defensive day against the Broncos. Carr killed it, deflecting 5 passes by himself, a number of those sure first downs for Denver.

With Brandon Flowers dinged up recently, Carr's dominance was very reassuring.

The Chiefs' Fourth Quarter Defense

With the score 10-6, the Kansas City Chiefs' defense was forced to stop the Denver Broncos essentially three times. And they stopped the Broncos three times. In the fourth quarter, the Chiefs stripped and recovered a Kyle Orton fumble and forced essentially two three and outs.

(Defensive) Killer instinct.

Tamba Hali's Numbers

The Libererian Nightmare's performance on Sunday is getting to be typical. Four tackle (one for a loss), two sacks, plus a stripped and recovered fumble sum up Hali's day. He may be the only linemen I've ever seen who actually saw a fumble and successfully grabbed it in one, clean swipe.

Chiefs Dominated Time of Possession

I know that TOP is an overrated stat by itself but lets look at how the Chiefs got to a 37 minute to 23 minute advantage over the Broncos - a good third down conversion percentage (46%) and lots of rushing yards (185). That alone will keep the clock ticking for any team.

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