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Todd Haley-Josh McDaniels Post-Game Handshake Turns Into A Hug

If you didn't know the history between the two guys, then you would have thought it was just another post-game handshake or man-hug (you know, the handshake that turns into the half-hug). But we do know the history, and we do remember three weeks ago when Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley opted not to shake Josh McDaniels' hand after a game against the Denver Broncos and then all the drama that ensued.

As the clock struck all zeroes on Sunday, the media was ready. Photographers, TV cameras and microphones descended on midfield to see how the post-game handshake would go this time around.

There no fireworks around this time as Haley shook McDaniels' hand (video of it here), gave him a hug and told him good game. Asked after the game about the handshake and hug, Haley (predictably) went in a different direction.

"That whole situation…I appreciate everyone liking to talk about it, but it’s just such a big win for our team. The Kansas City Chiefs, who a lot of people had written off at the start of the year, we’ve been through some hard times but we have a group of fighters in there that have come together and are becoming a tight-knit team. When you have a team like that you can do some special things. That’s what it’s really about, that’s what I prefer to keep it about, with all due respect because this was a big win, a division win at home."

This should about shut the door on the non-handshake. Well, until next year at least. After the jump you can find a quick photo montage of The Non-Handshake, Part II.





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