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Chiefs vs. Broncos: KC Weather Getting Colder

"The Chiefs are built for what's getting ready to happen."

Those were Herm Edwards' words this week and I couldn't agree more. The weather is getting colder, the winter jackets are coming out and the Kansas City Chiefs are prepared to run, run, run the ball. That's what the winter months are all about.

The weather is cooperating by getting cold, especially for game day in KC.


Those of you who lived in Kansas City last year know it can (and will) get a lot worse. We haven't had any snow this year so we haven't seen how Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles can do on that surface. But as it gets colder, it's going to hurt that much more when Jones and his ridiculous power barrels into you, or when Charles speeds past you.

Cold weather. Tailgating. Arrowhead. It's a good Sunday.

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