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Charlie Weis To Florida Rumors May Center Around Relationship With Todd Haley

When Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley hired Charlie Weis earlier this year the first question everyone brought up is if the two could get along. Both have strong personalities so it made sense that there would be a question of whether they could co-exist.

With the reports that Charlie Weis is now "likely" headed to the University of Florida as offensive coordinator, that question rears its head again.

On an chat Friday, Adam Schefter said of the possible split, "The sense is that Weis and Todd Haley's personalities are different enough that it could pose some issues." ESPN's Michael Smith later said via Twitter, "I can assure you Chiefs HC Todd Haley isn't the least bit disappointed over "losing" OC Charlie Weis to the University of Florida." Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, who's closer to the situation, said, "I can see that" in regards to Smith's tweet.

Throughout the process of hiring Weis, the Chiefs consistently denied that would be the case citing the long-time relationship of everyone involved suggesting it was a family-like atmosphere -- you can get mad at each other but the next day it's over. Here's what GM Scott Pioli said about the Haley/Weis marriage back in February:

"I think what supercedes all that is the relationships involved," Pioli said then. "Todd is close with both Charlie and Romeo and I think that's what ultimately will make this thing work. I understand the question but I also understand the reality and the relationships involved. There are people here who are invested in relationships with, not only one another, but also one another's families."

Perhaps a Charlie Weis exit is an attempt to salvage that relationship.

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