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No Blackout Watch For Raiders-Chiefs Game At Arrowhead

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After going through 15 weeks of the 2010 NFL season without talking about the B word at all, we received a slight blackout scare last week when the Kansas City Chiefs announced their game against the Tennessee Titans was on a list of games the league deemed as possible blackouts.

The game eventually sold out and it was shown on local TV but it made you wonder what was in store for Week 17.

With the playoffs in hand, and Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders only for playoff seeding, will the last regular season game of the year be blacked out?


Kent Babb of the KC Star reports via Twitter that the game will indeed be on local TV though some club seats remain (a/k/a those yellow seats).

The next step? Selling out that playoff game, which won't be a problem. If trying to find a good seat on is any indication, they're moving pretty quickly.

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