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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel On Shaun 'Deep Freeze' Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs new power back Shaun 'Deep Freeze' Smith is already drawing lots of chatter from the KC Chiefs. Mobility. Speed. Power. He's like a ballerina with how incredibly light his feet are. The precision.

OK, maybe that's some exaggeration about the Chiefs 325-pound defensive end lining up at full back but it has been fun to watch. Since it's Friday, here's Matt Cassel on Shaun 'Deep Freeze' Smith:

He brings a lot of weight. There's no doubt. We have to feed him before he goes on the field. We have to give him a few Gatorade bars or whatever to fire him up. The main thing you have to worry about when Shaun's on the field is getting out of the way. But once he gets the ball it's all momentum going down hill so it's a lot of fun to see him out there having fun with us.

Speaking on the HyVee Chiefs Insider show (video at, Josh Looney asked Cassel a hypothetical. If the Chiefs have the ball at their own one yard line, do you hand it off to Smith and watch him rumble 99 yards down the field?

I'd love to watch that. we're going to have to have ambulances at the field ready to go because I don't know if he's getting much more than 20 before he drops down and has to take a knee.

Jamaal Charles has three rushing touchdowns this year. The question now becomes whether the 'Deep Freeze' will catch him.

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