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Which Day Do You Want The Chiefs To Host Their Playoff Game?

We won't find out the date and time of the Kansas City Chiefs playoff game until next week but we do know it will be on Saturday, January 8 or Sunday, January 9. We've received a ton of questions about the date and time of the game. We'll find out that answer after the Week 17 games.

But there is some fun in speculating which day the Chiefs will be playing. And I'm not quite sure why either. Just the anticipation of the playoffs, I suppose.

(It's like the NFL schedule release, which is a huge ordeal now. We already know the opponents -- we're just finding out the order of the games. And yet every year we see a ridiculous amount of questions and readers talking about the schedule release.)

Anyway, I was listening to Bill Simmons' podcast, the BS Report, on and they went through the TV scenarios and came up with their prediction of the playoff schedule. This was somewhat informed as they had the break down of how the TV networks get to pick the games.

Of course, it could be completely off because all the playoff teams aren't even decided yet and if the NFL has taught us anything it's that it's unpredictable.

(On another side note, he made a great point -- wouldn't we all watch a TV show revealing the date and times of the playoff games? "NBC, with the first pick, takes...." I'd watch it)

You can listen to the full explanation of their prediction on the podcast (14:45 mark) but here's what they came up with if the playoffs ended today:

Saturday early: Jets vs. Chiefs

Saturday late: Packers vs. Eagles

Sunday early: Saints vs. Rams

Sunday late: Ravens vs. Colts

I'd prefer the game to be at night but I'm not sure if I have a preference of the day. I can see the advantages and disadvantages of both. If the Chiefs lost on Saturday, then that would pretty much ruin the next day of the playoffs for me. And the anticipation and waiting if they played on Sunday night would be a lot, too.

By the way, Simmons (who has a great podcast) is picking the Chiefs in round one.

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