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Shaun Smith, Chad Ochocinco With A Pleasant Twitter Exchange

Kansas City Chiefs DE Shaun Smith had a Twitter exchange with Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco starting last night and moving into Monday apparently regarding Smith's placement in Ochocinco's year-old book.

Let's start with Smith's tweet on Sunday night to Ochocinco:


We're not sure precisely what he's referring to but there is a passage in Ochocinco's 2009 book -- "Ocho Cinco: What Football And Life Have Thrown My Way" -- that gives us a clue. Smith reportedly claimed that Ochocinco took a swing at Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis at halftime of a January 2006 playoff game. Smith was on the Bengals at the time. Here is the reference in Ochocinco's book on pages 47-48:

"Yeah they had to restrain me, but I was just excited. I wasn't going to fight with anybody. I just wanted to make sure they knew what I thought about how to win this game. It's our biggest game and I gotta do what I can do to win this game. That's all I'm thinking. I gotta do whatever. Now, whoever said I swung at someone, they just don't know. They don't understand. It's not like I was Shaun Smith taking a swing at Brady Quinn in Cleveland. I mean, taking a swing at your quarterback? Yeah, Shaun's a genius. That'll help him keep a job."

So there's some sort of history between the two. Smith got no response from Ochocinco last night but Monday afternoon he again referenced his name appearing in Ochocinco's book -- but he phrased the question in a way that he'd probably like to take back (and did try to take back):


Smith has since deleted that tweet. Here is Ochocinco's response a few minutes later:


Smith was accused twice of grabbing an opponent below the belt. He was fined the second time which he appealed and won. Smith continues in response to Ochocinco:


The "truth" about the locker room is the bit above about Smith saying Ochocinco punched Lewis. Ochocinco's next response shows he's lightened up a little bit as he asks for a playoff ticket:


And Smith's responses:


More Smith:


More Smith:


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