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Kansas City Chiefs Move Past 10-Wins-In-Three-Years Stat

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans and moved one step closer to the AFC West crown, guard Brian Waters stood in the locker room taking questions from a crowd of reporters. He touched on Matt Cassel, the development of Jamaal Charles and he brought up one ugly stat we've seen in Kansas City -- 10 wins in the last three years.

How many times have we brought up that stat? A lot. It's the perfect way to describe what's happened in Kansas City over three years. Waters is one of those guys a lot of media folks like because he tends to tell it like it is and that was the case as he brought up that stat.

"We have 10 wins," Waters answered a reporter's question smiling. "We haven't had 10 wins in three years. I'm happy. I'm definitely happy with that. I don't have any complaints there."

The Chiefs aren't much for stopping and smelling the roses but after clinching the AFC West crown that's what they're doing. Todd Haley said it's important on days like this to sit back and appreciate what you've done (while keeping in mind what's ahead) and Waters was clearly in a reflective mood talking about the last three years.

"You gotta have a lot of dedication to go through what we had to go through the last couple of years," Derrick Johnson said after the game, "not winning as many games and then this year nobody's really talking about us."

Though we won't forget the 10 win period from 2007-2009, we are willing to put it aside for now. Well, at least for the playoffs.

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