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Titans Vs. Chiefs: What's On The Line

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans will get together on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium in a post-Christmas game that will be shown on TV but may not include a packed house. The Chiefs, 9-5, have much more to play for in this game than the 5-8 Titans do.

A victory for the Chiefs does a couple of things.

First, it allows Kansas City to control their own destiny for one more week. The Chiefs are one game up on the San Diego Chargers and for the Chiefs to win the division they should simply win out. Second, it allows the Chiefs to scoreboard watch this afternoon. A Chiefs victory combined with a Chargers loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the late afternoon gives KC the division lead.

A Chiefs loss makes things potentially very bad but the main point is that, more than likely, the Chiefs wouldn't control their own destiny anymore.

So the Chiefs could potentially be playing to clinch the division. Or they could be playing just to stay alive.

Are you excited?

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