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Raiders Won't Be Looking At Chiefs-Titans Game

The Oakland Raiders are still in the AFC playoff hunt as they stand two games behind the Kansas City Chiefs and one game behind the San Diego Chargers. The Raiders, if they beat the Chiefs in Week 17, would own the tiebreaker over both the Chiefs and Chargers via head to head record.

A Chiefs victory on Sunday, though, would eliminate the Raiders, which means the Raiders, who play the late afternoon game, should know when their game starts whether they're still alive or not.

But some Raiders players say they won't be scoreboard watching.

"I wouldn’t want to know. It’s not going to make us play any harder or any less. This is the game, this is what we get paid to do,’’ QB Jason Campbell said. "You should try to give it 100 percent regardless and just go out and play extremely hard."

Tom Cable says he's not bringing it up either way. I understand the idea that it won't affect how they play either way but c'mon. They're all going to want to know if they're playing for the playoffs or pride.

Put yourself in the Raiders' shoes (ugh, wash 'em off first). Would you want to know the final to the Chiefs game?

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