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KC Chiefs Vs. Titans: Analyzing Tennessee's Football Tendencies

The Kansas City Chiefs (9-5) take on a 6-8 Tennessee Titan team this Sunday. KC is still holding a 1 game lead over their AFC West rival, the San Diego Chargers.

The Titans are led by the explosive running back Chris Johnson. Johnson has rushed for 1267 yards and 11 touchdowns this season. If there was ever a threat to take the rock to the would be Chris Johnson.

The Chiefs have had some problems of late shutting down the opposing team's rushing attack when they go left (defensive right). Currently the Chiefs are ranked 29th in the NFL in yards allowed per carry when the offense rushes the ball around the left end (defensive right), 22nd in the NFL when rushing at the left tackle, and 20th in the NFL when rushing at the offensive left guard.

Every team in the NFL has strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and go-to guys. They have plays they like to call during tight situations or directions they like to run when in the middle of the football field.

Let's check out those tendencies.

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Titans Rushing Offense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 47 Plays: 51 Plays: 38 Plays: 88 Plays: 30 Plays: 55 Plays: 43
NFL Rank: 13 NFL Rank: 12 NFL Rank: 16 NFL Rank: 18 NFL Rank: 18 NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 15
Avg Gain: 7.09 Avg Gain: 2.45 Avg Gain: 6.34 Avg Gain: 4.11 Avg Gain: 2.40 Avg Gain: 5.69 Avg Gain: 4.42
NFL Rank: 3 NFL Rank: 32 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 16 NFL Rank: 30 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 22

Titans Rushing Notes:

  • When we look at the rushing tendencies we can see that the Titans are in the upper half of the NFL in attempts in every category. The Chiefs will have to defend the entire line of scrimmage this coming Sunday if they intend on slowing down Tennessee.
  • Tennessee is ranked 3rd in the NFL in average yards per carry when rushing the ball around the left end. That's not good news for KC fans because the Chiefs are ranked 29th in stopping teams from rushing that direction. Look for a long day for KC around the defensive right end.
  • The Titans are ranked 1st in the NFL in average yards per carry when rushing the ball at the left guard and the right tackle. The Chief's defense is ranked 20th and 10th respectively.

Titan's Rushing Yards Per Team vs Defensive Rushing Rank

Week Team D.Rank yds
2. Pittsburgh
3. New York-G
4 Denver
5. Dallas 14th
6 Jacksonville 18th
7. Philadelphia 11th
8. San Diego 2nd
9. Miami
10. Washington
11. Houston
12. Jacksonville
13. Indianapolis
14. Houston

  • Five teams have shut the Titans down this season: Pittsburgh, Houston (1st game), San Diego, Jacksonville, and Philadelphia. So stopping Tennessee's rushing attack is possible.
  • One common denominator with all the teams that have shut Tennessee down is that they all were ranked in the upper half of the NFL in rushing defense. The Chiefs are currently ranked 13th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game.

Titan Passing Offense




Plays: 41

NFL Rank: 5th

Avg Gain: 13.6

Plays: 24

NFL Rank: 14th

Avg Gain: 16.8

Plays: 32

NFL Rank: 18th

Avg Gain: 8.47


Plays: 102

NFL Rank: 30th

Avg Gain: 5.89

Plays: 72

NFL Rank: 21th

Avg Gain: 4.68

Plays: 124

NFL Rank: 31th

Avg Gain: 4.44

Titan Passing Zone Frequency Chart

Titans Passing Notes:

  • The Titans don't pass the ball short as often as other teams in the NFL. Tennessee is ranked 30th in the NFL when throwing short left and 31st when throwing the ball short right.
  • The Chiefs can expect the Titans to run the ball and then throw it deep. Tennessee is 5th in the NFL in attempts when throwing the ball deep left. Look for Carr to have some deep action this Sunday.
  • The interesting stat about the Titans is that not only do they like to throw the ball deep left but their quarterback completion percentage is 51% when going into that deep zone (stat not shown in chart). That's the 2nd best completion % in the NFL when throwing deep left. The Chiefs need to be ready for the deep ball if they expect to come out of this game with a win.
  • Interestingly enough, the Titans only have a 28% completion percentage (stat not shown in chart) when throwing the ball deep right. That's only 25th in the NFL.

Other Interesting Stats:

Red 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 00%


Goal 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 00%
to G


10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 00%


Stats Observations:

  • The big stat that stands out is the Titans goal-to-go stats. Tennessee has scored 80% of the time when they have had 1st and goal. That is pretty good considering the NFL average is 69%.
No. Yds Avg Long TD
RECEIVING 1. Washington, Nate 38 612 16.1 71 6
2. Britt, Kenny 33 601 18.2 80 7
3. Scaife, Bo 36 318 8.8 30 4
4. Gage, Justin 20 266 13.3 30 1
5. Cook, Jared 17 207 12.2 36 0
6. Johnson, Chris 38 194 5.1 25 0
7. Williams, Damian 12 185 15.4 39 0
8. Stevens, Craig 11 122 11.1 28 2
9. Hall, Ahmard 10 78 7.8 19 0
10. Moss, Randy 5 62 12.4 26 0
11. Hawkins, Lavelle 5 61 12.2 24 0
12. Ringer, Javon 6 37 6.2 9 0
13. Mariani, Marc 0 0 0.0 0 0
Total 231 2743 11.9 80 20
Opponents 358 3728 10.4 69 18


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