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No Bongos At Arrowhead For Titans RB Chris Johnson

Two years ago the Tennessee Titans came into Arrowhead Stadium and beat down the Kansas City Chiefs, 34-10. In that game, Chris Johnson went off for 168 yards and the Titans as a team destroyed the Chiefs for 332 rushing yards. On one 68-yard touchdown run, Johnson strolled into the end zone and played some bongos as part of his celebration.

Yes, bongos.

The bongos belonged to the touchdown band in the end zone that's no longer there. That means there won't be bongos this time around and the league won't have to fine him $10,000 again.

But let's say a Chiefs fan decides to sneak in (somehow) a set of bongos and set up near the end zone. Hypothetically, would Johnson be allowed to bang the bongos? Titans coach Jeff Fisher (via The Tennessean):

"If he gets 200 (yards) and wants to pound on the bongos, that is fine with me."

The Chiefs better hope he's not banging bongos on Sunday. They're one of the league's best in avoiding big running plays on offense -- sixth in giving up 20-plus yard run and second in giving up 40-plus yard runs. I know it's not even close to the same Chiefs team but two years ago the Titans scored on touchdown runs of 68 and 80 yards.

My guess is that Johnson won't be busting off any 60 or 70 yard touchdown runs. That will be the Chiefs No. 1 priority, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said Wednesday.

I'm a fan of cool touchdown celebrations but I'm not down with Chris Johnson and the bongos.

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