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Kansas City Chiefs Will Get To See WR Randy Moss

When the Minnesota Vikings released WR Randy Moss earlier this season, there was a lot of talk of where he might land. We talked about it (a few times actually) around here and folks were split on the issue. One side said he's talented so you go for him while others said he wouldn't fit with what the Chiefs are doing. In the end, the Chiefs didn't put in a claim and now Moss is in Tennessee.

On Sunday we'll get an up close look at what the fan base was divided on.

Would Moss have been worth it? Indications in Tennessee would He has just five catches for 62 yards on the season. Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher has been fielding questions on why Moss isn't a big part of the offense.

"He was getting rotation early in the first two or three weeks, and we had some opportunities in the Washington game that we were unable to capitalize on," Fisher said. "He's practicing fine. He's making plays (in practice). You see him make plays and run by people on the practice field. It just hasn't happened (in games)."

When you hear Randy Moss, you think of weapon. It doesn't sound like that's been the case.

Moss seems to be an emotional player where he has to be into the game to play well. Maybe if he were in Kansas City, in the playoff hunt, things would be different. But six weeks later I'm pretty happy about the way things turned out.

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