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Chiefs Have Lost The Turnover Battle One Time In 2010

Lately, we're seeing trends develop within the Kansas City Chiefs' game plans, from running the ball often to stopping the opposing running game. One of those trends is also protecting the football.

Each week, Todd Haley's keys to the game include a reference to protecting the football and the Chiefs have done an excellent job of doing that. In fact, the Chiefs have lost the turnover battle just one time this year. Once! Here are the turnovers broken down:

So when we say, the Chiefs don't have a shot at winning if they lose the turnover battle (like I did today, actually), we're basing it off of one game of data this season.

For a reference, the Chiefs next opponent -- Titans -- have lost the turnover battle seven times this year. That created, yep, seven losses. So on Wednesday when Todd Haley says winning the turnover battle is important, we've got some stats to back that up.

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