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NFL Playoff Picture: Four Teams Have Clinched Playoff Spots

Four teams have now clinched playoff spots for the 2010-11 NFL playoffs. The Chicago Bears victory over the Minnesota Vikings clinched the NFC North for them and they join the Atlanta Falcons as the two NFC teams that are in the playoffs. The AFC has two that have clinched as well with the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers.

That means there are four spots up for grabs in the AFC.

The AFC South is lead by the Indianapolis Colts and if they win out they'll snag that spot. I imagine they will. The AFC West has the Kansas City Chiefs leading with the San Diego Chargers tight on their heels. If the Chiefs win out, they'll get that spot.

The two wildcards are currently held by the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens. It's looking like it'll be those two as the wildcards but the San Diego Chargers could be involved if they win out and the Jets or Ravens tumble.

Here's how the AFC playoffs look today:

1. Patriots (bye)

2. Steelers (bye)

3. Chiefs vs. 6. Jets

4. Colts vs. 5. Ravens

And the NFC playoffs:

1. Falcons (bye)

2. Bears (bye)

3. Eagles vs. 6. Giants

4. Rams vs. 5. Saints

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