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Five Bad Stats From Kansas City Chiefs Victory Over St. Louis Rams

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We've gone over five good stats from the Kansas City Chiefs 27-13 victory over the St. Louis Rams so now it's time to look at five bad stats. As we've said before, none of the stats in this game were to the extreme. The Chiefs weren't very good at one thing or very bad at one thing.

Here are five bad stats from the Chiefs victory over the Rams:


That's the Chiefs offense on third down. That's not the world's worst number but it's certainly not a great one. The Chiefs went over 150 yards rushing so you'd think that number would be greater but it's not. As Todd Haley has said before, the Chiefs don't have a large margin for error. That number will have to be better as the games get bigger.


That's the number of carries for Thomas Jones. Sometimes a player just isn't on a particular day or isn't feeling it for whatever reason. Jones averaged 2.8 yards per carry so whatever the reason he wasn't very effective on Sunday. If someone isn't effective, you can't keep giving them the ball.


Matt Cassel's interception. Turnovers are never good but luckily this one didn't matter much. Cassel doesn't really have a problem with interceptions. They'll happen occasionally even to the most protective quarterbacks.


Times Cassel was sacked. Again, not a huge deal but one of those things that needs to be cleaned up moving forward. The Chiefs have been pretty good in this area most of the season.


Danny Amendola's punt return. Big punt returns are one of those things that, as Todd Haley would say, will get you beat. The Chiefs can hang with anyone in the NFL, I think, but not if they give up field position.

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