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Dwayne Bowe's Dropped Passes Are Down

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Kansas City Chiefs fans have remained somewhat skeptical of Dwayne Bowe's ability, even through his magnificent statistical stretch this year. Unfortunately for Bowe, that's part of the stigma that remains after two seasons of being one of the NFL's leaders in dropped passes.

However, I have some good news to pass along today that you may or may not have noticed: Dwayne Bowe is nowhere near the top of the NFL in dropped passes in 2010. 

Yes, Chiefs fans, Dwayne Bowe appears, at least statistically, to have solved his dropped passes problem. He only has five drops on the year, which is well behind the NFL's leader Terrell Owens who has 11 dropped passes. Bowe's five drops don't even put him in the top 20 of dropped pass leaders. 

Bowe had 13 drops in 2008 and had 11 drops in only 11 games in 2009. 

I know what you all remember though: Bowe's drop on third down early in yesterday's game (and then of course the Indy drop). I know those two plays are lingering in your memory but don't let them overshadow the fact that Dwayne Bowe has cut down his dropped passes rather significantly.

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