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Five Good Stats From Kansas City Chiefs Victory Over St. Louis Rams

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the St. Louis Rams on Sunday so you know there are going to be some good stats. The Chiefs won by two touchdowns, 27-13, but they didn't do anything statistically out of this world to achieve that. They were pretty even keeled throughout the game but still did some very good things.

Here are five good stats from the Chiefs victory over the Rams:


Before Sunday's game, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said the No. 1 priority was stopping Steven Jackson. Consider that mission accomplished. Jackson averaged just 3.5 yards per carry Jackson on 19 carries for 67 yards. His longest run of the day was eight yards and he wasn't a significant factor throughout the game. 


Before the game, we wondered if Chris Chambers would be back next year. He had disappeared it seems this season and was even a healthy scratch a couple of times. Chambers' 42 yards receiving on Sunday didn't mean much at all -- two of his three catches came right before the half -- but it did tell us Chambers is still around. I'm hoping games like this (and better ones) become the norm for him. This isn't one of the five best stats but I had to recognize Chambers after we wrote about him earlier this week.


Jamaal Charles' yards per carry. He had 126 yards on 11 carries but most of those came on the 80-yard run in the second half. As usual, we don't think Charles got the ball enough as he had just 10 carries for 46 yards outside of the 80-yard rush. 4.6 yards per rush is good for a normal running back -- it's below average for Charles.


That's Sam Bradford's completion percentage. He looked good in the first quarter as he pushed his way down the field but from the end of the first quarter on the Chiefs held him in check. KC batted down balls, pressured him and generally created some chaos for him. Bradford wasn't the reason the Rams lost but the Chiefs made sure he wasn't part of the winning formula.


Matt Cassel's rushing yards. These weren't game-changers or anything like that but they helped energize the rest of the team. You could tell other players responded when he hopped up and did the Tomahawk Chop after one run. Again, not necessarily one of the five best stats but I think this had a positive impact on the game.

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