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KC Chiefs Score Even With The Wrong Play Call

I guess the Kansas City Chiefs are so good they don't even need to know what the play call is to score. At least that's the case according to an NFL Films highlight package of last Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Here's the video (courtesy of reader bfett81) but I will explain what happened (for those of you who have bosses that frown upon watching Chiefs videos on the clock).

The Chiefs were faced with a third and one from the Seattle three-yard line on the first play of the fourth quarter. They lined up and QB Matt Cassel began to audible out of the play. You see G Ryan Lilja and OT Ryan O'Callaghan perking their heads back to try to hear what he was calling.

Cassel snaps the ball, hands it off to Charles and the line apparently didn't know what the play call was as Charles had to shimmy his way through but did indeed get into the end zone on the play. After the score, Todd Haley was shown talking into the headset.

Haley: "That's living on the edge there, boys. I am happy. But that's living on the edge."

Mike Vrabel: "Hey, how's that for an audible?"

It's hard to make out what Haley meant but he said after that, "He's becoming a quarterback." And then the video turns to Cassel talking to Lilja and O'Callaghan on the sidelines.

Cassel: "You had no idea (laughing)."

Lilja: "I still don't know what play that was."

O'Callaghan: "What was the call?"

Cassel: "You made it work! That's all that matters! Who gives a (blank) what I called?"

Callaghan: "What did you call?"

Cassel: "Spin [Orr spring? Or Sprint? ] 38."

Whatever works. The result is all that matters and that was six points.

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