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Kansas City Chiefs Offense Is Definitely In The Top 10

Through Week 12, the Kansas City Chiefs' offense is certainly looking like a top ten offense in the NFL. Check out the categories where the Chiefs rank in the top ten relative to the rest of the NFL:


Yards/game (6th): The Chiefs have been racking up nice yardage recently, especially with Matt Cassel's progression. The Chiefs have been equally as dangerous through the air as on the ground lately.

Yards/play (10th): This is a big jump from last year and, again, it's due largely to Cassel's improvement and the domination of the running game.

Rushing yards (1st): This just in: KC has a couple of good running backs.

Rushing yards/play (2nd): Surprised? Only that they're not first. Jamaal Charles leads all NFL rushers in yards per carry.

INT rate (2nd): If it weren't for one Tom Brady, KC would lead this category.

First downs/game (7th): This is another big one because it shows KC can go on extended drives.

Red zone percentage (7th): I like this one a lot because it's about getting points when you get that close. I guess Todd Haley's fourth down gambles haven't hurt KC.

Points/game (4th): Bottomline, this is what matters. KC puts up a ton of points, especially over the last month. Just think about that for a second -- 4th ranked offense!

The Chiefs' defense, obviously, isn't ranked as highly. They are 10th in points per game; 9th in defending opponents on third down; a top ten run defense; and are 6th in the league in kickoff return average.

We've been talking more and more about rankings around here, so here are some numbers to tell your friends about when you're talking Chiefs.

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