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Numbers Tell The Story: KC Chiefs' Improvement Under Charlie Weis And Romeo Crennel

The only numbers that might matter in the eyes of some, including Bill Parcells, are wins and losses. Even judging by those numbers, the Chiefs at 7-4 are certainly enjoying an amazing season by anyone's count. But some impressive numbers are to be found alongside the won-loss record, especially if you take Rob Thomas' advice to see how far we've come. To that end, some amazing numbers stand out compared to last season.

Before this season started, some believed (myself included) that the Chief's greatest pick-ups this off-season would turn out to be Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel. While the Chiefs are enjoying a stellar rookie class along with an infusion of athleticism, it's been the steady top trio of Todd Haley, Weis and Crennel that have carried the Chiefs to such unexpected results. Consider the following:

Last season, the Chiefs overall offensive rank was 23rd with just over 18 points per game (18.4). Through two thirds of this NFL season, the Chiefs are scoring just under 26 points per game (25.9) and rank 4th in the NFL in total points and 6th in total yards. That's over a touchdown more per game the Chiefs are averaging under Weis' tutelage and the infusion of younger playmakers (along with Thomas Jones veteran leadership and strong running style). By the way, that's also without Dexter McCluster over a significant stretch of time.

The defense is even more impressive, in my opinion. While the offense gets the headlines, it's the defense that has made significant strides, moving from 29th overall in the NFL to 13th this season. They've also moved from allowing 26.5 points per game to 21.0. Combine this with the offensive swing, and it's no wonder the Chiefs are enjoying such a resurgence.

The most fascinating aspect is that besides Eric Berry, the Chiefs are largely making due with the exact same personnel as last season. Sure there's a Shaun Smith acquisition here and there, but the Chiefs are seeing familiar faces take their game to a new level under Romeo Crennel. And if the Chiefs can even stay in the middle of the pack in overall defense, the Chiefs are likely to continue their winning ways through the grueling weeks of December.

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