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Chiefs Beat Rams, 27-13: Good, Bad And Ugly

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to control their own destiny as they beat the St. Louis Rams, 27-13, and hang onto a one-game lead over the San Diego Chargers in the AFC West. This was only the Chiefs third road victory of the year but it came at a great time.

From Jamaal Charles to Kendrick Lewis there was a lot of good in this game but, as there is with every game, there was also some bad and ugly. No matter the bad, a win is a win. That's the thing to keep in mind. With that said, here's the good, bad and ugly from the Chiefs victory over the Rams:


Jamaal Charles' day. What else can you say? The 80-yard run was a thing of beauty. I like this guy every time I see him. He immediately makes the Chiefs competitive in any game.

Cassel's rushing. It's not that Cassel's six carries for 17 yards changed the course of the game but I think you had a lot of fans rallying behind him given the circumstances this week. There's something about your appendix-less quarterback scrambling and getting tackled as he passes the first down marker that gets you cheering for him.

Defense is solid. The Chiefs defense started off shaky allowing a pair of field goals and 76 yards in the first quarter. Since that point the Chiefs clamped down allowing just one late fourth quarter touchdown. Bradford threw two picks and Wallace Gilberry had a career day getting into the backfield.

Kendrick Lewis gets two picks. Two picks for Lewis, the rookie. That's three on the season for him and the Chiefs continue the trend of playing well when he plays.

Bouncing back. The Chiefs started slow in St. Louis but the defense really picked it up in the second quarter. The Chiefs offense put up 14 points in the second quarter and from that point on the Chiefs were in control of the game. It was good to see the Chiefs best quarter come directly after their worst quarter.


Thomas Jones is ineffective. 22 carries and 62 yards, Jones couldn't do anything for much of the day. (That said, congrats to Thomas Jones on reaching 10,000 career rushing yards.)

Matt Cassel's interception. It didn't matter in the end but Cassel ended his interception streak. He hadn't thrown one since Week 9 against the Raiders.


Slow start. Against the Chargers last week the Chiefs were down just 7-0 against the Chargers but you could tell San Diego was in control of the game. This game was the same way as the Rams had two solid drives against the Chiefs in the first quarter but were held to field goals both times. It was a sluggish start for the Chiefs and I don't think they can afford to start that way very often. I only say this is ugly because it reminded me so much of the Chargers game.

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